My daughter will finish Coláiste Ide this summer. She leaves a well educated and well rounded young lady. I am very thankful to the team at the school for the wonderful educational experience she has received. I think that Coláiste Ide is a very special School situated in a most beautiful location. I would have no hesitation in saying that it has worked out very well for my daughter and our family. Thank you So much Coláiste Ide.

Elaine, Killarney, Co Kerry

 What does Colaiste Ide mean to Me? As the parent of a modern Irish teenager, Colaiste Ide has been and continues to be, a massive part of my life.  From the nervous 11year old that walked though their doors now 5 years ago, I have watched a regular Cinderella story unfold. My young girl has during her time at Colaiste Ide, become a beautiful, confident, able, studious, mindful, caring young woman and whilst I realise that my daughter did this under her own steam, her cushion of being happy at school has meant the world to me. I don’t have the worries of other parents I see due to studying, peer group and technology problems because Colaiste Ide embraces a different ideal. Whether a girl is interested in heavy academia or wants to explore more artistic or sporting  pursuits I have NO hesitation in knowing that Colaiste Ide would help her become all that she wants to be. Colaiste Ide to me, as a parent, means freedom from some of the pressures of modern life and yet gives them the gift of preparing them for a very ruthless world. I happily recommend Colaiste Ide and its wonderful environment to anyone that needs reassurance that it is the best place to school their daughter. Take a look –the smiles say it all!

Kelly, Killarney, Co Kerry


Our daughter has been a student in Colaiste Ide for the past four years. Her experience of school and boarding life has been wholesome and rewarding.  Classes are small and her teachers very accessible which makes her education personal. Not doubt she will be sad next year to say goodbye to a very special community of friends and staff but we feel that Colaiste Ide will have equipped her with the values and independence necessary for the next chapter.

Andrea, Galway 


Libby is an fifth year Student at Colaiste Ide. She is having a great year improving her oral irish and meeting new friends that she will have for life. Elizabeth has visited UCC, Ul and UCC as part of career guidance programme. She loves her drama and dance class as well as going to the gym in Dingle. The School is warm and very well maintained it is set in beautiful grounds overlooking Dingle Bay. I would highly recommend this School.

Libby’s Mother Rebecca, Co Clare


When my daughter said she wanted to go to Colaiste Ide for second level education, felt I was losing her early in her teenage years. Her Dad & I went along to the “Open Day” with her where we met the Principal & Manager of the school. To say they were very nice & open is an understatement. We left feeling that she had made the right decision. It was still by no means easy for us to leave her go, on the day we brought her and her belongings to start a new chapter in her life, I really wanted to grab her hand and run. Getting used to not having her around first was hard, she was homesick too, but they were excellent in the school dealing with that. I was on the phone a few times talking to Mairin & Siobhan, but they reassured me and the supervisors made her tea & biscuits and sat talking to her. She’s in her third year now and I can honestly say they care about the students and as they get older they treat them as adults, listen to their opinion etc. Teachers, management & supervisors have been great to deal with, always at the end of the phone if I have any queries or concerns, even when a blood test showed her low in iron, Elaine in the office went straight out to the chemist and got her an iron supplement!. I can honestly say my daughter was right in her decision and I’m very glad she chose Colaiste Ide. She knew what was right for her!.

Mags, Kenmare, Co. Kerry

Lucy’s decision to seek a place at a boarding school was a curveball for our close-knit family but we allowed her to try it out and see if it was all she hoped it would be. Colaiste Ide was not too far geographically and offered the added benefit of education through Irish which was an opportunity she couldn’t avail of at home. The Colaiste is the perfect balance of focus on learning & knowledge, and enjoying life with friends who have a passion for building relationships. Students receive extraordinary levels of attention and guidance in and out of the classroom given the college setting and very small class sizes. The girls are allowed to feel their way through new experiences together in a safe environment while also being allowed to spread their wings away from home for the first time. As a first year Lucy still has a long school career ahead of her and if she is as happy for the hext four as she has been for the first year it will validate the decision to let her chose her own path.

Tracy, Killarney


Before going to Colaiste Ide I was nervous about making new friends and speaking Irish all the time as I wasn’t fluent but this was never a problem. Right from the start Colaiste Ide organised lots of activities at weekends and after school to keep me occupied and to get to know everyone. The small year size meant I felt comfortable in all my classes and became great friends with everyone. I loved the structure of the day and there was a good balance between school work and free time. I think the best thing about Colaiste Ide is the people there. The small class year size helped me feel so comfortable from the start. The teachers and all the staff were understanding and if we ever needed anything they would try their best to help us out.

Aine, Shannon, Co Clare


Colaiste Ide welcomed Jess and I with open arms. The staff and management alike have done nothing short of creating a family atmosphere for both of us.  To date Jess has grown and blossomed into a young, happy and very confident young lady.  Colaiste Ide offers a very high standard of education which is taught in a very happy and positive environment.  I as a mum, feel each student is being prepared for the real world and is being afforded the opportunity to learn the necessary life skills along with the values in life. Colaiste Ide places a strong emphasis on character, development and leadership. Jessica is being well and truly nurtured on her journey through secondary school.  I feel extremely honoured and blessed to be part of the Coláiste Ide family.

Julieanne, Co, Clare


“Bhíos i gColáiste Íde ó 2010-2015. Bhí am iontach agam ann. Dheineas cairde sa scoil a bheidh agam go deo. Thug an scoil deis dom mo chuid spriocanna phearsanta agus acadúla a bhaint amach, agus taitneamh a bhaint as sin a dhéanamh ag an am céanna. Beidh mé i gcónaí thar a bheith bhuíoch as gach aon rud a dhein an foireann teagaisc agus foireann uile na scoile dom le linn mo thréimhse ann.”

Lucy, Daingean Uí Chúis


Colaiste Ide made me become a lot more independent.  It gave me a very strong work ethic and found that it had prepared me well for studying at college. It definitely created an environment where I felt I could excel academically and it gave me a lot of self-confidence.

What was different about the school environment was that there was no competition created based on looks, the girls were very accepting and personalities were allowed to develop



Clodagh is ainm dom agus d’fhág mé Coláiste Íde i 2017. Tá suim mór agam sa ghaeilge, agus tá áthas an domhain orm a bheith fós páirteach i saol na gaeilge san ollscoil ar an Scéim Cónaithe Gaeilge. Is brea liom marcaíocht capaill agus surfáil. Táim i mo chéad bhliain i gColáiste na Trionóide ag déanamh staidéar an an dlí.

Clodagh, Sri Lanka